Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In 1966, under command of Colonel Hugh Browne (CRE), 34 Squadron started to lay a concrete base to the Airfield, along with 11 Squadron, who were called back to help.
This involved stripping back the Tarmac, repairing the Laterite base and laying 8" of high quality concrete.

May 1966 - December 1966
59 Squadron took over from 11 Squadron and the task was completed in December.
The whole task consisted of: 418 men, plus 150 Thai workers.

REME - Unknown Officer causes Carnage
One day, a very newly commissioned 2nd Lt, drove to the workshops in a very sick Land Rover and asked "Could we do something about the vehicle, whilst he was at lunch", then walked off towards the Officers Mess.
One look into the Rovers window was enough, to explain the fault; the gear lever was where the drivers legs should have been.
On lifting the bonnet, it was easily noticed, that all engine and gearbox mounting had been sheared off.
The engine was almost lying on its side, on the chassis, with nothing securing it.
All the Fitters were astounded, how did this occur, but most of all, how did the Officer manage to drive it, it was almost impossible.
The Officer never did come back.

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